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  • Checklist #1 - Creating Your ManyChat Account & Connecting Your Fan Page.

    Start automating your ManyChat Account so that you can integrate it with your Fan Page to finally build a massive audience ready to take action.

  • Checklist #2 - Creating Your Marketing Plan

    The step by step guide will give you a clear path to maximizing your results with Messenger Marketing & Bots.

  • Checklist #3 - ManyChat Bot Settings

    You can customize your settings from Greeting Text, Setup Live Chat, Receive daily reports of analytics and many more. You don’t have to worry because we got it all for you.

  • Checklist #4 - Automation With Flows

    Learn the right way to setup easy to manage flows that will engage with your audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Use to sell, use for support, use to get more customers in the door.

  • Checklist #5 - Automation Sequences & Tags

    Time to set-up an autoresponder that will deliver your campaigns to your audience so you build an evergreen affiliate campaign informing the visitors about the product, showing case studies and reminding them about the product.

  • Checklist #6 - Automation Rules

    You can set this depending on the type of business model you’re leaning towards. We’ve added new features like adding tags and adding people to new flows and more features and options to improve user experience.

  • Checklist #7 - Main Menu & Default Reply

    Personalize your main menu and default reply to impress right from the beginning. You can include links to opening hours where the bot will reply, you can include links to reports, include links to any of the flows.

  • Checklist #8 - Welcome Message

    The default welcome message is a powerful feature which many waste. Learn how to use it for maximum results with this step by step guide.

  • Checklist #9 - Growth Tools Widget Top Bar

    ManyChat currently offers 13 different types of Growth tools that will allow you to collect subscribers. In this checklist, we’ll cover Overlay Widgets & Embeddable Widgets.

  • Checklist #10 - Growth Tools - Widgets Slide-In

    This checklist outlines the steps on how to create widgets slide-in. Widget slide-ins have an innate ability to catch your audience’s attention towards a specific message.

  • Checklist #11 - Growth Tools - Widgets Modal & Page Take Over

    This checklist outlines Modal Widget and Page Take Over Widget creation. Using modal widget is a great way for your audience to interact with your brand, and Page Take Over widget gives you more power to have a specific message get noticed better.

  • Checklist #12 - Growth Tools - Widgets Buttons

    Adding widgets buttons is another flexible way to extend the way your audience can interact with you. You’ll be given step by step outline on how to add a widget snippet button to install on your websites.

  • Checklist #13 - Growth Tools - Widgets Box

    Widget box allows you to display specific messages on a specific area. This gives you control over what you think your audience should be seeing, and where they should be seeing it.

  • Checklist #14 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Landing Page

    Multiply your conversion rate by using professionally made landing pages so you can have an easier time setting it up. It also makes you more flexible with the page builder on the next checklist.

  • Checklist #15 - ManyChat Growth Tools - Messenger Ref URL

    This growth tool sends someone to a URL that we can place on banners, inside emails, inside FB messages, anywhere we wish. It gives us complete control of the design of the button and page and can be used in many ways.

  • Checklist #16 - Growth Tools - Customer Chat

    Customer chat is a simple way to allow your customers to chat with your brand inside Messenger. With this plugin, your customers can communicate with you back and forth seamlessly without losing the conversation’s history and context.

  • Checklist #17 - Growth Tools - Facebook Comments

    Facebook Comments is a highly effective growth tool that lets you add users to your subscriber list when they comment on a specific Facebook post. Powerful stuff, and you get a step by step guide on how to easily set this up in this checklist.

  • Checklist #18 - Facebook Messenger Code

    Messenger Codes works like QR codes. They can be scanned to instantly link the user to your bot without them having to type anything. Imagine sticking these codes on fliers, bulletins, ads, or anywhere in the physical world where where people can try tour bot with a single scan.

  • Checklist #19 - Growth Tools - Facebook Ads Json

    Facebook ads JSON allows you to convert users who click on a Facebook messenger ad into bot subscribers in an instant This is great because they don’t even have to message your page.

  • Checklist #20 - Broadcasting To Your ManyChat List

    Broadcast works just like how email broadcasts work. You can send messages to your ManyChat subscribers simultaneously. You can choose from text to images to videos and more as the type of content you send in your Broadcast. Pretty powerful stuff you definitely want in your marketing arsenal.

  • Checklist #21 - Adding Email Addressed To Your Autoresponder

    Want your ManyChat list added to your autoresponder? No problem. This checklist shows you how. As the marketing world knows, you stand to gain more if contact your audience thru different channels.


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