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Do you own a business or have a product or service to promote? Are you looking for an innovative way to get the word out? Marketing may be the most important part of your entire business strategy because you can run the best business on the planet – providing the best products or services at a fair and competitive price – but if no one has ever heard of your business, or knows what you do, you are not going to have any success.

But these days, marketing is more than just hanging a shingle – virtual or otherwise – and waiting for the word to get out. You cannot rely on marketing methods that worked 10 or 20 years ago. You must change as the times change and that means embracing video marketing. The thing to keep in mind is, even if you are an expert on conventional marketing, you are still going to have to learn a whole new way of looking at advertising and promotion using video marketing.The good news is, if you can get the information, they need to create marketing videos, you have an almost guaranteed chance of increasing your profits and making your business much more visible. Many people enter the world of video marketing mostly in the dark, and so they end up stumbling around blindly until they learn what they are doing, which usually cost them thousands of dollars and loads of time that could’ve easily been avoided.

Video Marketing Secret BlackBook

That’s exactly why the Video Marketing Secret BlackBook e-book was created. For the professional entrepreneur – whether you have been in the business for a while or you’re just getting started – this book will teach you everything that you need to know about video marketing. You will learn how to take your campaign from the very basic planning stage where you don’t even have a concept or an idea yet, to the best ways that you can get your video out there and even methods for making money from your video besides the actual marketing of the product and service that you are already doing.

The Answer Is Having Your Own Videos

The e-book Video Marketing Secrets is 20,000 words of information designed to make you an expert in the world of video marketing. While everyone else is stumbling along blindly, trying to figure out what to do and what not to do to create video marketing content that is going to drive traffic to their website, get them subscribers on their YouTube channel and of course, convert into actual sales and revenue for your company.

If you have ever wondered what makes some people so successful in the world of video marketing and others struggle so hard, it is the information that they have available to them. Never has there been such a comprehensive and easy-to-use e-book that contains everything you ever wanted to know about video marketing.

The book is several different complete courses in one. First, you’ll get a comprehensive tutorial on how to use every aspect of the video sharing site YouTube as well as some information on some of the other video sites that are out there. You’ll learn how to use things that not everyone takes advantage of but they can seriously increase sales and views. For example, the use of playlists, annotations and video tags are all vital to the success of your video marketing efforts, but many people don’t use them correctly. This book will detail exactly how to do that as well as all the other YouTube tools that you have your disposal.


Video Marketing Secret BlackBook

Here is what you will learn in Video Marketing Secrets

  • How to brainstorm for ideas and come up with a killer campaign that is going to take your audience by storm and compel them so completely that they will have no choice but to share your video.
  • How to take the concept and run with it, using some of the most effective strategies for distributing video via the Internet.
  • The things you need to know about creating a video with an extremely high production value that will allow you to compete with the other marketing videos that are published.
  • Several tips and tricks to use on YouTube, as well as some of the other video sharing sites that will allow you to double or triple your views using the same tools that they make available to you.
  • How you can maximize the amount of times that you show up in search and as a related video to someone else’s by using the title of your video, the description and the tags that go with it as well as by optimizing the actual content of your video itself.
  • How to use keyword research to get you found in YouTube and garner you thousands upon thousands of views just by choosing the right keywords that are going to get traffic. This book will explain to you how to do this keyword research and give you some resources to build a find those keywords that you need.
  • You’ll learn some never before seen tips on how you can use social media to promote your videos on sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo as well as using social media to drive traffic to your own website if you’re hosting videos there. Social media can be an extremely powerful tool to help you do video marketing if know how to use it properly.
  • Your and some of the most unique and innovative video promotion methods ever conceived. These are truly creative ways that you can use to promote your videos included in this book along with instructions on using them properly.
  • You’ll learn nearly a dozen different types of videos that you can create the will give your video content the best chance of going viral. You’ll also learn what makes up a viral video and how you can always give your videos the look and feel of the other viral videos that are out there.
  • Much, much more.

Your Competition Is Using Video's

This book is simply the best guide for video marketing that has ever been created and you will learn more by studying the information here than by the information that the so-called gurus have to offer. This is a no-nonsense guide to video marketing that is intended to take even the person that is completely unfamiliar with this form of promotion and teach them to become an expert in the industry by the end of the book. That’s because it contains all of the basic information that you need to get started as well as enough advanced information to give you the edge over your competitors make sure that your video marketing advertising is good enough to give you the conversions and change the way that you do business completely.

The future of advertising is video marketing and all it takes is a quick look at some of the technology prediction websites that are out there to see that they are hailing this new medium as the way that people will communicate their messages in the near future, growing to such proportions that other forms of advertising will become obsolete.

Between this type of advertising and the shift towards mobile devices any business who wants to compete in the coming years is going to need to understand how video marketing works and how to use it to promote their business if they want to survive in the modern world. This book is the solution to that problem and will take you past the learning curve of video marketing very quickly

Here are just a few of the things that you can do with the information in this book:

  • Start improving your video marketing so that your conversions increase, and your sales revenue goes up because of the tools that you get from Video Marketing Secrets.
  • Learn how to use YouTube properly for video marketing so you can create videos that get the results that you want as well as get thousands and thousands of views every time.
  • Use keywords not only to help your videos rank higher in YouTube for particular keyword phrases, but also to help you with all aspects every video marketing – even on the other sites that you’re using.
  • Be able to create videos that will be very high quality and will be able to compete with all of the other marketing videos that are out there, and even leave some of the competition the dust because of the production value of your videos.
  • Have a higher chance of creating viral videos than you’ve ever had before and a much higher chance than those who are doing video marketing without the help of this book.
  • Have the tools that you need to create the channel branding and image that you want on YouTube including logos, professional business images and artwork and color schemes that match the rest of your online footprint.
  • Compel other users who view your content to share with their friends and family, so you don’t have to work as hard at marketing your video.

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